El Salvador Surf Forcast

Getting the right surf report when you are about to surf is important, that is why in Playa El Tunco we have hand picked the top surf spots with each surf report data so you can make sure to go out when the swell is hitting ground.

If you are planning a surf trip to El Salvador this section will help you get a better idea of what is El Salvador surfing all  about. Don’t forget we have warm water, affordable prices and the most friendly people in the world!

El Salvador Surf Report

The best time of year to visit is March and April, officially the last months of the dry season, when temperatures are high but south and southwest swells start arriving. By May, typically the wet season is in full effect, and by “wet” we mean WET, as in “torrential downpours.” The rainy season is cooler and easier to sleep in, but so much water falling from the sky can make travel more difficult.

Water temps fluctuate very little, remaining at a constant 80 degrees year-round, so don’t worry about packing too much rubber — maybe a vest or a springsuit if you’re thin-skinned — even in the dead of winter.

Surf report La Bocana

Surf report Sunzal

Surf report Punta Roca

Surf report Las Flores

Surf report Punta Mango

Surf report Mizata