Roca Sunzal Hotel

  • Restaurant with bar

  • Free WIFI in all areas

  • Pool and Spa

  • English and Spanish

  • Free private parking

  • Sun Deck, Terrace, Grounds

Roca Sunzal Hotel

Roca Sunzal Hotel is a top rated beach front hotel in playa el tunco,La Libertad. With a perfect location in front of the famous tunco rock and with newly renovated ocean front suites Roca Sunzal is the perfect decision to book your accommodations at El Tunco.

Find a free parking lot, free wifi in the property, a ATM inside of it and 24/7 private security, a nice swimming pool with clean water and the best of all the view you have to the tunco rock. Enjoy a delicious Ceviche with a cold beer in front of the beach.

Each room has its private bathroom, cable tv, air conditioned and some of them have ocean front view. Imaging waking up in the morning, hear the power of the ocean, go to the windows and see in your backyard excellent waves. If you are staying at Roca Sunzal you have 4 different surf spots 3 minutes walk each: La Bocana, La Bocanita, Sunzalito and Sunzal (Sunzalon).

Imaging having  a great time with your friends driking at the bar which have a ocean view and catch the sunset around 5:30pm. Sound magical, isn´t it?

Worried about not speaking spanish? Don´t worry all staff members speak fluent english, the hotel management are very helpfull and friendly people.

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Roca Sunzal Hotel
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