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THIS IS THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD, Lake Coatepeque, in El Salvador

coatepeque lake el salvador diving and adventure

hello hello hello hello travelers how are you good morning Good afternoon Good night.

I don’t know where in the world they came from and that some are I wish you a happy day or happy night a lot of love before starting this tour.

I want to tell you that I am in nothing more and nothing less than the eighth sea of him together then exactly in the lake of coatepeque in santa ana el salvador that’s how it is.

How can you see a precious sight In the eighth wonder he sees the world in him savior I love something very peculiar that has been presented today is that we are of a very peculiar color and I will call it chameleon.

I’m going to tell you because normally in these times of the year it becomes a turquoise color normally its waters are normal blues like any lake but no today is very special because it has coated in a turquoise color that is caused by stay tuned because later I will reveal why the lake turns turquoise.

So today I’m not so scared I’m looking forward why do not where one more point of the social wonder the lake of coatepeque a beauty that we are going to do more activities within the o nos it has been difficult to arrive since it has been very convulsed touristically because It is the attraction of the moment that its color has changed to a turquise tone but we are here and we have not come to a a little more simple and beautiful place.

That side is of volcanic origin because because it is located right at center of a volcano crater is by that’s the funny thing about this lake not even there are parts where the water is thermal and there are others where the water is warmer and fresh the truth is that a very curious fact about this place.

And well but I meet a group of fathers everybody but if we everywhere we are all for captain Morgen.

As I promised you that I was going to tell you because the lake turns turquoise Well, the truth is putting concrete together there is no but according to the studies of many with people who study the eastern lakes Mr. Pink effect of activities microbial a curious fact also that the lake of coatepeque made its first change or this phenomenon that is not yet knows for sure what causes it.

It did happen in 1982 and since then always repeats every year just on this date in the month of June July and lasts about three weeks have less that is why hundreds of tourists like me in this case we come to visit of that wonder because it is something very peculiar that only happens once a year then you can take advantage of the views beautiful of this lake.

I went for the pole so let’s get on with this tour because it’s still I know your favorite part to see of the gastronomy of cali see what they enjoy

the astronomy


a delicious fish

frescoes that have left this destination

it must be said that from the fishermen


birth like tilapia is the


exactly what I have in this lake but


I like to be ready as you can see there

variety of everyone from

seafood too

It is the typical dish of everyone’s mouth

remember that you

but if you want to come to

practice some water activity such as

it is riding a jet

boat ride sorry I want to see what

other sports shut up

there is another sport that I have left

name but where does it pass in a

surfboard and hostage then between

other diversities ferry rides

also including ferry rides and

many more activities among others

activities today that can rent a

vest in case you don’t know anything and also

go into the water and then bathe

Sometimes we even think I don’t know

can bathe here for being so deep

but not with his life preserver for can

have a pleasant moment that later

they will be watching this time I

I’m going to practice and if you want

come to do that activity can

look for Mr. Don Arturo here I go

to leave the contact so that you

seek stays close to the

sil restaurant

and around here at any time they can

search and come to do your activity

aquatic this time in 10 so

well accompany

the airs

in a warehouse

Oh well



and i do

by car






for me





the truth is incredible the lake has

much to give

remember to subscribe to the channel even

share the video

until next time travelers




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