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“Olympic surfing was a dream come true”: Bryan Pérez, Salvadoran surfer

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“Olympic surfing was a dream come true”: Bryan Pérez, Salvadoran surfer.

Salvadorian surfer Bryan Pérez made it clear that his sport’s debut in the Olympics was an illusion for everyone.

Surfing debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. And the Salvadoran Bryan Pérez, who played a place in the Pre-Olympic in the country, lived the experience from afar as his own. The one from Punta Roca shared his feelings about what his surfers friends went through in Japan.

In an interview with, the national highlighted the performance given above all by Latinos, and now Pérez is on his way to better prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

“For me, the Olympics were a dream come true for all surfers and for the ISA, and I think we all enjoyed it to the fullest. I really enjoyed seeing that surfing is already in the Olympics and that I was so close to being there, ”he told the website.

“It seemed to me something historic that will be recorded in all the surfers who were there, and in those who have always wanted surfing to be Olympic,” he added.

In addition, he said of his colleagues: “To see my friends fulfill their dream, with the flag representing Latin America, for me it is incredible. It makes me feel very happy that surfing comes together and that it doesn’t matter which flag or which country one represents. (…) Seeing all of them there, I think it was a very nice feeling ”.

On whether to see himself at the next Olympics, he stated: “This is just beginning. I am 21 years old, almost 22. I am very motivated for the next Olympics, they are already very close and you have to train very hard. (…) I am motivated and eager, a lot of faith, a lot of hunger to be there ”.



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