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El Salvador Surf Camp

Pro surfers come to El Salvador before heading to the big competition events around the world, they do prepare their techniques with a variability of waves our country offers. We are well known as the right-hand wave paradise.


When talking about a surfing paradise the first thing that comes to your mind are the popular places where all the pro surfers go to participate in world surf contests, what you don’t know is that these pro surfers come to El Salvador for a surf trip in order to prepare for those contests.

How’s that possible? Well, El Salvador has incredible waves, surf spots very close one to another, from break points to beach breaks. EL Salvador is well known as the right-hand point paradise.

Punta Mango and Punta Roca are surf spots that get most of the attention that’s to the surf trips you can enjoy there with your friends. Waves won’t let you down.

Best El Salvador Surf Camp

There are different surf camps where you can choose from, from surf lessons to advanced surf tour for those who are pro at it.

The best surf trip you can have is here in El Salvador, there are different surf schools and the quantity and quality of the waves are going to make you surf all day long.

When coming to El Salvador you have so many surf hotel options to stay, all packages come with a surf guide ready to teach you about the waves.

At the time working on this website, we are in communication with resorts in Las Flores  camps, Punta Mango camps, Punta Roca surfing camps for new offer rates on accommodations with perfect waves in our country.